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Pin-Up Poster Box 16 Posters om in the lijsten

Edition description: Box with Art Prints16 frameable printsPrints are 25,5 x 38 cmThe term “pin-up” was coined during WWII, when lonely servicemen tacked pictures of pretty girls over their beds to remember what they were fighting for. Because the...

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Fly USOA Advertising Poster (origineel)

Origineel, ongebruikte USOA advertising poster. Own a piece of aviation history. 114,3 x 76,20

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Magnavox Poster Set Ongebruikt

Magnavox Poster Set OngebruiktMaat verpakking: 47 x 65.5 cm

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Pin Up Poster Claire Sinclair - Gesigneerd

Leuke Pin Up poster van Claire Sinclair en gesigneerd door haar. De poster is gemaakt in Amerika. In oktober 2010 werd Claire Sinclair verkozen als Playmate van de maand door Hugh Hefner.

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